This Nov-Dec 2017, We are trying to organize an exhibition polo match in Myanmar. Polo used to be played at the historic Kyaikkasan Horse Grounds in Yangon back in 1933, and it is here that we are hoping to hold an exhibition match of "Old Siam vs Old Rangoon" -- the first polo match in Myanmar for over 80 years.

A form of Polo was played in Myanmar during ancient times. The King titled "Nat Shin Naung" was well know for his bravery and his wise poetry. He was on of the kings of the Taungu Dynasty and he reigned his region in Myanmar from 971-974 (Myanmar calendar). According to historical records in Myanmar, it is not certain whether the king played polo himself or not, but he was very fond of horse riding and enjoyed watching polo games. In Myanmar, this ancient polo game was called "Gulie Hitting." (This historical information kindly provided by U Htay Kyaw, Secretary General, Myanmar Equestrian Federation).

HRH The Prince of Wales playing polo in Mandalay in 1922.
Photograph courtesy of Yangon Heritage Trust

Polo at Kyaikkasan Stadium in 1933.
Photograph courtesy of Yangon Heritage Trust

Aerial Photograph courtesy of Yangon Heritage Trust

Kyaikkasan Stadium as it stands today. We will request from the Ministry of Sport to use the two football pitches and make one field of approximately 250 yards in length. The Thailand Polo Association and King Power have offered to bring 20 horses from Thailand to Myanmar by road via Mae Sot and Myawaddy to Yangon. They will provide free transport and bring two teams for the exhibition polo match. Myanmar Equestrian Federation is assisting with information on the quarantine procedure, stabling of the horses, and inviting members from the 15 equestrian clubs in Myanmar to the event. It is hoped that this exhibition will honor the proud polo tradition in Myanmar, which was at one time one of the leading polo playing nations in Asia, and facilitate a friendship between equestrian enthusiasts in Myanmar and polo players in Thailand, so that the sport of polo can return to Myanmar. There are currently 6 countries in ASEAN with active national polo teams (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines), and the vision of The Thailand Polo Association is that by increasing the level of polo played in Asia, we can perhaps, one day, see the return of polo as an Olympic sport as it was last played in the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

First Meeting of TPA and MEF at Chatrium Hotel on the morning of 29 Sep 2017


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